Lost and Found Brothers Vietnam

Art work based on Photo by Jim Burghardt

Here you can post information on a lost brother from the Nam

Many Marines try to find other Marines that they served with in Vietnam. Here you can post the information you are looking for. This service is FREE. All your email addresses will be encrypted to help stop spam. (If your email address is already on the net unencrypted, it may be too late to stop spam). If you do not want to use your email they can email me and I will pass the details on to you. I cannot say you will find them but a lot of Marines who served at An Hoa visit this website.




Here's a photo taken in 1967. I'm the the Marine on the left. While in the service I went by my middle name ‘Wayne’. If you could get this photo out on your web page maybe I can make contact with the guy on my right, and or, some of my buddy's that worked with me in the Ammo Dump.
Walter Wayne Thompson.


To contact Walt email me via this website and I will pass it on to him to contact you


I have been trying to locate PFC Sam Garza for many years. This photo was taken in February 1966 in Okinawa. PFC Sam Garza was my gunner with G-2-5 from December 1965 in Camp Margarita until sometime in August 1966. While on Hill 35 in Chu Lai, he dislocated his right shoulder and was sent to see the corpsmen. On the same day, our platoon left on a patrol for several days and when we returned I found out Garza had been transferred ... possibly to 1- 1. I believe he was from Robstown, Texas. Thanks in advance, Semper Fi, Arnold

This is a photo of Sam

To contact Arnold Flores email me via this website and I will pass it on to him to contact you




I am trying to find anyone who may remember my dad, William Dale Brown. He served in the Motor Pool in An Hoa from Dec. 68-Dec. 69. The bottom pic is of him. I would love be able to reconnect him with men who were there with him and/or have someone share a memory of him from this time.


Semper Fi
A grateful daughter of a Vietnam Vet

Jeanne Rountree

To contact Jeanne & her father email me via this website and I will pass it on to them to contact you





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