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Art work by Alan Waugh based on photo by Scott Willams


My name is Alan Waugh and I am a Vietnam War historian. Over the last 15 years I have worked on the history of the USMC at An Hoa Combat Base. This has been a long and worthwhile project. In 2006 I wrote an article for Vietnam Magazine about An Hoa. This history has been made to remember those who served and those who fell.

I had hoped that the project would gather facts on An Hoa. Little did I know at the time that it would evolve into a project that would help Marines with their war in South Vietnam and even prove cathartic for some suffering from PTSD. The history of the USMC at An Hoa Combat Base has been researched by me using historic Marine Corps documents such as After-Action Reports and Command Chronologies. The stories of combat and life in the bush are from the Veterans themselves.

The An Hoa project has been made possible due to the input of Vietnam Veterans and it is for them that this project is now in its 15th year. When I finally hang up my boots on the project, all of the information gathered is going to be handed to the Marine Corps History Division at Quantico.( All who give stories and photos will be asked before it is handed over)They already hold information which I sent them a few years ago. The project has also benefitted from the help of my wife Ruth who has spent many hours editing my work over these years.

This history tells the story of US Marines in Vietnam and is now available free online so that Vietnam Vets can learn what happened in that AO. All photos and stories are copyrighted by there owners, so please do not post them anywhere or use them in any format. For the history of An Hoa click this link The History of An Hoa

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Alan Waugh, the founder of the An Hoa Project




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