Command Chrononlogies


Command Chronologies (ComdCs) are the backbone of all historical research. I have used them over the years to gather information on what happened all those years ago in the An Hoa AO. They may not be exactly what happened in the field as they have been written up after the event, but they are the best information we have on what happened.
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Records of War

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Understanding ComdC



You may find something like the above 241700H
The 24 is the date 24th (The month and year will be on the command chronology)

The 1700 is the time, H is "Hotel" time zone used by the US Military for global communications. "Hotel" indicated the "Z" Zulu or GMT +8 hrs time zone which included South Vietnam during the war which is the country which in this case is Vietnam

AT806466 is the grid ref on the topo map. The Location on the ComdC will give you a clue to which map to use.

This one for Phu Bai would be the Topo: Hue, sheet 6541 IV, Series L7014


Villages/hamlets may have a number in parentheses ( ) shown beside the village name. This indicates that more than one village is so named within the map sheet area. This numbering was done by the French to help with taxes and other official documentation, when Vietnam was part of their Empire. Hills have numbers as well and these are the elevation to the top of the hill. Thus Hill 55 is 55 meters above sea level. Again this numbering was done by the French.


List of some terms found in reports

AA   After Action report

BC Body Count

ChiCom Chinese Communist

Conf Confirmed as KIA

DOW Died of Wounds

HE High Explosives

KIA   Killed in Action

LVTE Landing Vehicle Tracked engineer

LVTH Landing Vehicle Tracked Howitzer

LVTP  Landing Vehicle Tracked Personnel

LZ Landing Zone

MF Main Force

MIA   Missing in Action

NBC Non Battle Casualty

NVA   North Vietnamese Army

Op Out Post

Opcon Operation Control

PPB Platoon Patrol Base

POW    Prisoner of War

VC   Viet Cong

VCC Viet Cong Captive

VCI   Viet Cong Infrastructure

VCS Viet Cong Suspect

WIA   Wounded in Action


Commanding Officer and Staff Officers


CO Commanding Officer

S-1 Administration Officer

S-2 Intelligence Officer

S-3 Operations Officer

S-3a Assistant Operations Officer

S-3b Assistant Operations Officer

S-4 Logistics Officer

S-5 Civil Affairs Officer

S-6 or Commo Communications Officer

SupplyO Supply Officer

MTO Motor Transport Officer

ALO Air Liaison Officer

FAC Forward Air Controller



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