History of An Hoa Combat Base

Art work based on a photo by Tim Elliott

History from Command Chronologies

I have written the history of An Hoa Combat base using USMC Command Chronologies. I also have eye witness accounts, written by Marines who were there.

A Command Chronology(ComdC) is a document that reports significant events in which a unit participated or an event that occurred within that unit. It is like a war diary.

The ComdCs were written up monthly and would then be sent on to division. In those days they were written up by typewriter on A4 paper. The Commander of the Battalion would add his summery to the ComdC but the main document was normally written up by the S-1, the Administration Officer.

As a historian I have found these documents invaluable but they do not always represent what happened in the field. They are a view of what happened and sometimes the information is not totally correct.
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More years to come as I am re-writing the history at present


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