Jimmie Clay Hutcherson, B/1/1


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Remembered by Lt Col Willard (Bill) Lochridge

Date of Birth: 10-09-45

Date of Casualty: 06-02-66

Home of Record: Springfield

State: Tennessee

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Service Occupation: Rifleman

Rank: Corporal

Unit: 1st Plt, B company, 1st Bn, 1st Marines

Casualty Province: Quang Nam

Panel/Row on wall: 07e Line 133

Information from http://www.vvmf.org/thewall



Later that same morning 2 June at about 1100 hours, while we and the ambushed infantry unit were heading back in to Bravo Company, one of the infantry men stepped on a mine about 20-yards off to the left side of my tank. I quickly dismounted and ran over to him. Both of his legs were blown off just below his knees and he also lost three fingers on his left hand. I cradled him in my arms as a Corpsman and another Marine tried to stop his bleeding. Morphine was given - a lot of injections - but we could not stop his bleeding. While I held him in my arms I kept speaking to him saying that he’d be OK and that we would get him out - the Medivac was called from DaNang and was on its way. He kept complaining about his left hand. So, I brought my left hand which was covered in his blood, and wiggled my fingers in front of him saying see your OK, it’s just the morphine. Shortly thereafter, his breathing became very labored, so I began giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while the others were still trying to stop his bleeding. The Medivac came in and we carried him over to it, but he died right there.

I never knew his name back then until 42-years later (08 June 2008). With the help of 1/1 guys I found out who he was. His name was Cpl Jimmie Clay Hutcherson. Jimmy was from Springfield, TN. He was just 20-years old. He’s on “The Wall”, which I visited later to say goodbye to him.


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