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Full Circle

Drift back to 1966 and follow columnist William Buchanan of G Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, on combat patrol through the jungles near the DMZ and the rice paddies of Quang Nam Province in Vietnam as they thrust and parry against their main adversaries, the North Vietnamese Army and the R 20 Main Force Viet Cong Battalion.
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Praying for Slack

Robert Peavey served as an M48A3 Patton tank commander in Vietnam and for his sins he saw combat up close while he supported the Marine grunts on the ground. This book tells his story and the story of Operation Allen Brook which took place in the May of 1968. This was a period after the Tet Offensive of '68 and the Marines in Quang Nam Province were hunting down the NVA and Viet-Cong. Allen Brook was a long operation and many good Marines gave their lives while fighting a well disciplined adversary in the An Hoa Basin and infamous Go Noi Island .
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Killer Kane: A Marine Long-Range Recon Team Leader in Vietnam, 1967-1968

Rice Paddy Recon: A Marine Officer's Second Tour in Vietnam, 1968-1970

By Col Andrew (Andy) R. Finlayson USMC Ret

Andy served with 1st Recon in the An Hoa AO and out into the bad lands beyond He also was the CO of G/2/5 from May 1969 till Sept 1969. Andy served 32 months in Vietnam.

He is a Marine historian and has written excellent books and papers on the role of Recon Marines in Vietnam and in the An Hoa Area. Andrew R. Finlayson served for 25 years in the U. S. Marine Corps retiring as a Colonel and went on to work in the defense industry in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Romania. He is the author of several defense and intelligence related articles and studies. He lives in Morrisville, North Carolina.

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