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Questions and Answers

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If I give to the project do I lose my copyright?

No, you keep your copyright. This permission is not exclusive, so you can continue to use the material in any way including allowing others to use it.  When the project finally winds down you will be asked if you want to give your copyright to the USMC as the project will be donated to them in the end.

Do I get credited for my work?

Yes, your work is credited. I do not give emails addresses etc, only a credit such as Jim Wright G/2/5 VN 68-69

I have some photos of An Hoa, but they are not mine. Can I add them to the project?

If you do not own the copyright, (i.e. you did not take the photos or you were given them without full copyright) I cannot use them in the project.

I want to add a story I found about An Hoa to the project

The answer here is the same as above. If you do not own the copyright I cannot use it.

I have added some stories and photos to the project. I now want them off line

No problem. But it may take a day or so to remove them from the website and they may have been indexed by Google so this takes longer to go.

Can I access the information on here for FREE

You can access the website FREE.

Can I use the information and photos on this website of mine or a project I am working on? Can I pin to pinterest?

No, not without permission from me and the copyright holder. No pinning on that site allowed !

Copyright of Website, text, images

All material on this website is subject to international copyright laws. Authorization to reproduce such material should be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.
The text and images on this site are intended for personal use and may be downloaded solely for this purpose. Any other use or publication of them, without prior permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized reproduction, duplication, transmission or commercial use of such copyright materials may result in prosecution. For written permission to reproduce information, images or other resources on this website, please contact me via the website.

Is there a guide for writing stories?

As this project is online and open to everyone, it is best to review the use of swear words. If the word is needed to keep the story real use ** to blank out most of the word. Such as F***.
You may not plagiarize or infringe on the rights of third parties including copyright, trademark or privacy. Where appropriate, I recommend that you seek permission to share the stories of the people your contributions are based on. If you cannot contact them, change the name or, to protect them, do not use a name. Remember the laws of Libel: you are not to embarrass, divulge private information, or lie about an individual. So think before you write! See the Writers Guide page and Libel Page on this website.

Do you edit stories?

Only if there are mistakes such as place names or the story does not make sense. I will also ensure that once edited you get a copy to agree the changes before it goes online.

I sent some stuff I do not own. What happens if I get found out?

You agree to indemnify the website and me against all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred by the website as a result of your breach of the terms set out for contribution.
Your items will be removed from the site right away and you will not be able to add anything to the project again.

Are there terms and conditions to adding stories and photos to the project?

Yes, there are terms and conditions to protect all parties and you should got to the terms and conditions page of this website


Is the project a Charity?

The An Hoa Project is not a charity, it is one man's quest to tell the story of the Marines that served in the An Hoa AO. The project is to help them and others understand their war in Vietnam. At the end of the project, all information will be handed to the USMC Historical Division Quantico*. They already hold information that I sent them a few years ago. Tell your story and add to the history of the USMC in Vietnam.

* All contributors all be asked if they want to give their stories /photos to the Corps when that time comes. If they do not that is fine with me.

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